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The Relevance and the Context today:

Academicians, intellectuals and historians will benefit immensely from this excellent book by Amrit Wilson, published by Daraja Press. This is particularly important in the context of the political and economic onslaught by US Imperialism on China and the Russia.  John Pilger’s documentary series,‘The Coming War on China’, available for free viewing on YouTube and the Aljazeera Website is a good resource. To note is also the unstable situation the US has created in the Middle East through the wars on Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran and Palestine, hopelessly dividing the Gulf nations and ruling by proxy through Saudi Arabia and Israel.

In her introduction, Amrit Wilson describes Zanzibar in today’s context ‘as an important piece in the jigsaw of the United States foreign and military policy in Africa’. The US army in Zanzibar today, is opening schools, conferring awards and entrenching themselves on the island as secret documents revealed recently by WikiLeaks….

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